Island Premuda

Premuda (Croatian pronunciation: [ˈprɛmuːda]) is a little island in Croatia, off the northern Adriatic coast. It belongs to the north Dalmatian islands which are situated north-west from the county center Zadar. Premuda is approximately 10 km long, up to 1 km wide, and has an area of 9.2 km2.[1] It is situated southwest of Silba and northwest of Škarda and is the last island before the Italian coastline.The town of Premuda has about 50 inhabitants but the population strongly varies during the summer season. The population of Premuda is cultivating olives and breeding sheep and in the last few years they have become involved with the tourism. There are three restaurants on the island.Premuda is a popular destination among nautical and diving tourists. Premuda has some very popular diving spots. The “Katedrala” is a system of connected caves with beautiful light rays that fall through the porous ceiling of the caves. An also famous diving spot is the wreck of the World War I Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent István, which is located in a depth between 40–60 meters (131–199 feet) and accessible only by experienced divers.Source: Wikipedia


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