Underwall Festival 2014 – Zadar, Croatia

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Underwall Festival 2014 – Zadar, Croatia

UNDERWALL 2014 FESTIVAL ZADAR, June 6, 2014 – June 8, 2014

The UNDERWALL Festival, whose first edition in Zadar at the start of the 2013 season was a success, is announcing its second edition in 2014, this time lasting for three days and featuring some of the most eminent names from the world metal, hard rock, hardcore and punk rock scenes. After the first edition was headlined by Destruction and Xentrix, next year’s three-day edition will be visited by a much larger number of world famous stars from the aforementioned genres, which testifies to the fact that the project of Croatian metal bands – who intended UNDERWALL to be a sort of a response to the diminished and canceled local scene events – was a complete success, so it was decided to go further. This time there will represent a more diverse experience, featuring hard rock, hardcore and punk rock bands, to make the program more interested to a larger number of potential visitors. The festival has a tendency to expand, while fan interest on the festival’s Facebook page has demonstrated an ever increasing thirst for an event of this type. UNDERWALL’s big advantage is that Zadar, as a major tourist destination, is connected by airplane to almost twenty other European cities, most of which are RyanAir low cost flights, which makes the festival very accessible and especially attractive for foreign visitors. The fact that UNDERWALL is the only international open air metal and rock festival practically located by the sea, the arrival to Zadar, a city surrounded by five national parks and two parks nature parks, makes this an unique tourist-adventure experience featuring heavy music. UNDERWALL will feature nearly 40 bands from almost all continents, with additional festival attractions, soon to be announced. The entire festival lineup will be known by the end of November 2013. UNDERWALL 2014 LINEUP SO FAR: ENSLAVED (Norway) TANKARD (Germany) ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE (Great Britain) AMARANTHE (Sweden/Denmark) IMPALED NAZARENE (Finland) ARKONA (Russia) BENEDICTION (Great Britain) ONSLAUGHT (Great Britain) SINISTER (Netherlands) SECRET SPHERE (Italy) CARACH ANGREN (Netherlands) BLAZE BAYLEY (Great Britain) ACCUSER (Germany) ZONARIA (Sweden) BOMBARDER (Serbia) DIVLJE JAGODE (Bosnia and Herzegovina) MAX PIE (Belgium) WOLAND (Finland) SAWHILL SACRIFICE (Finland) BLOODSHOT DAWN (Great Britain) EDGE OF PARADISE (USA) GUTALAX (Czech Republic) DOOMAS (Slovakia) VULVATHRONE (Slovenia) CRUSHING CASPARS (Germany) THE HATE COLONY (Norway) KILLTEK (Norway) NERVOCHAOS (Brazil) KUGA (Serbia) HYPOCRAS (Switzerland) THE PROWLERS (Italy) THE LOUDEST SILENCE (Bosnia and Herzegovina) AGHARTI (Croatia) KRYN (Croatia) MANHEIM (Croatia) INCEPTOR (Croatia) DIENAMIC (Norway)

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