Terraneo Festival 2013, Šibenik – Croatia

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Terraneo Festival 2013, Šibenik – Croatia

Emilíana Torrini and Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) on Terraneo Festival! Rob Garza from the legendary Thievery Corporation, talented Emiliana Torrini and the excellent parade band Hot 8 Brass Band join the list of performers who will appear on the third Terraneo Festival in Šibenik, from August 7th – 9th. Emiliana Torrini, the musician from Iceland, is best known for her hit song “Jungle Drum” and is a former member of the band GusGus. She took part in creating and performing songs on the band’s debut album, but Emilíana also wrote the song “Slow”, one of the biggest hit-singles of Australian singer Kylie Minogue, from the album “Body Language”. Emiliana’s work on “Slow” earned her a prestigious Grammy nomination. “The Lord of the Rings” saga, one of the best trilogies in the past decade, can also be linked to Emiliana Torrini because this talented singer performed “Gollum’s Song”, which can be found on the movie’s soundtrack. The band Thievery Corporation recognized the talent of this singer/songwriter and Emilíana did the vocals in several songs on this world-music band’s album The Richest Man In Babylon. Emilíana has eight studio albums, and the ninth, “Tookah”, will be released in early September. And on August 7th visitors of Terraneo Festival will get a chance to see and hear Emilíana on Terraneo Festival’s Terra Stage! One day later, on August 8th, Rob Garza, from Thievery Corporation, will close the second night of the Festival with his DJ set. After his band’s awesome performance on last year’s Terraneo, Rob is coming back to Croatia’s favourite Festival as a DJ. “The performance on Terraneo in Šibenik was one of the high points of last year’s tour. We got a chance to explore the old town, we sailed around the coast. Everyone was delighted and kept saying what a good time we were having, how the food was excellent and the city magical. This is a beautiful part of the world and we like coming back to it”, said Rob Garza about his return to Terraneo. During his 18-year career, Garza defined the music of Thievery Corporation, with the band’s seven studio albums created during Rob’s tenure. Rob is also renowned for his remixes of songs by other performers, and he gets his inspiration from different music sub-genres which he had a chance to hear in the last few years since he moved to San Francisco. His DJ sets are dominated by nu-disco and deep-house, which he gladly mixes with the recognizable rhythm of Thievery Corporation’s hits. When you think about a Festival, the first thing that comes to mind is a parade, and no parade is complete without a marching band! That is why Terraneo is proud to announce the participation of one of the world’s best known marching bands, Hot 8 Brass Band, who will march through the army barracks of Bribirski knezovi on the first day of the Festival, Wednesday, August 7th, and open the Festival in style! Hot 8 Brass Band are a music sensation from New Orleans who brought the tradition of parade music closer to modern times, with the innovative sounds of funk and hip-hop. The band was created back in 1995 and consists of trombone, saxophone, trumpet, brass drum and snare drum players, led by the powerful trumpets of the unorthodox band’s leader, Bennie Pete. They are inspired by artists such as Tuba Fats, Leroy Jones, Louis Armstrong, JJ Johnson, Stevie Wonder and Jackie McLean, and they often collaborated and worked with some of them. Their music is recognized world-wide and they are frequent guests of many Festivals. Hot 8 Brass Band continues the tradition of marching bands at Terraneo, which last year started the French “Joke”. If you want to hear how the song “Ghost Town” sounds, as performed by Hot 8 Brass Band, please use the following link: Apart from Rob Garza and Emiliana Torrini, this year’s Terraneo Festival in Šibenik, from August 7th – 9th, will feature My Bloody Valentine, Wu-Tang Clan, Aloe Blacc, Azealia Banks, Gang of Four, The Cribs, Calexico, Cloud Nothings, Woods, Mambo Kurt, Duncan Sheik, Koan Sound, Blond:ish, Petar Dundov, Pinkunoizu, Dubioza Kolektiv, Darkwood Dub, Kawasaki 3p, and Red Bull Music Academy performers: Norman Jay, Dj Spinn & Dj Rashad, Jesse Boykins III, Tokimonsta, Rustam Ospanoff, MayaVanya, Kyodai, Mad Mats, Eddy Ramich, Davor O, Audio InFunktion, Maja Milich, Jan Kincl… Programme by day and information about the performers can be found on Festival’s official website, www.terraneofestival.com. *** Thanks to MasterCard Europe, Erste Card Club and Este Bank, this year’s Terraneo Festival will become the technologically most advanced event of this kind in Croatia and the first festival in Croatia with a special festival card and contactless payment with MasterCard® and Maestro® contactless cards. *** The current price of Festival tickets is 70 €, and Camp tickets are 30 €, for five days of camping. A limited package of Day tickets is also available for purchase, at a special price of 30 €. Tickets can be bought online at www.seeticket.com, www.eufest.com and www.festicket.com.

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