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The Kravat Regiment is a Croatian light cavalry regiment from the XVII century. Except for the extraordinary heroism of its soldiers, the cavalry was recognisable for the picturesque scarves worn around the neck by its soldiers as part of their uniform, after which the tie is named. The scarf, worn in a knot, quickly became a fashion accessory and was known by the ethnic name of the Croats; as Krobatten in Germany and as Cravate in France. Through the establishment in 1664 of the Croatian regiment, the Royal Cravattes, in the French Royal Army, the cravat officially received a certificate of originality. Tourists can learn more about this and other stories if twenty minutes to noon, they head toward the Upper Town. Each guard change begins with a parade and review of the guard’s arms. The ceremony involves an entire formation of 12 soldiers and horsemen, after which they separate and head for St. Mark’s Square (side entrance to St. Mark’s Church), the Ban Josip Jelačić square and the Statue of Virgin Mary on Kaptol. They are accompanied by armourers, trumpeters, drummers, standard bearers and the commander. The whole event gives tourists an insight into the lost traditions of soldiers from the glorious past.

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