Future Nature Earth Festival 2013 – Pula – Croatia

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Future Nature Earth Festival 2013 – Pula – Croatia

15. – 18. August 2013 – Fort Punta Christo – Pula – Croatia Grew out from the love for nature, psychedelic music, entertainment, space … Thought out to break the walls that society built between you and nature … Thought out to unite us in one tribe, with music, visions, understanding and positive communication … Thought out to magnify the nature, life and friendship, to give you the chance to “escape” from everyday life, and to feel comfortable as in your closest circle, in your family… On a beautiful, old Austro-Hungarian fortress between the light blue sky and crystal blue sea, four days and three nights, the best artist-shamans will take your mind thru the psychedelic wormholes of time, space and fantastic landscapes. Nature will stimulate your senses, over and over again … This is going to be the fourth FUTURE NATURE FESTIVAL in a cycle of five festivals dedicated to the natural elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. FUTURE NATURE FESTIVAL has long taken root in the Istrian soil … and thats why 2013th year’s edition is dedicated to the unique Istrian nature and landscapes. Join us once again and feel the psychedelic vibe of nature – be part of a FUTURE NATURE FAMILY.

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